Different door styles offer many benefits depending on the design, materials and construction. There doors made from wood or molded composites. These doors can work for dividing different living spaces, since light can pass through but they also reduce sound.

When you’re choosing an interior door, the best way to decide is dependant on the door’s intended use. Location of the door, frequency and type of use will also be helpful in deciding on the best style of door. Bi-fold doors are great to cover wide spans, and pocket doors are great for small spaces! Arched doors add dimension to a room. The right interior doors can add value and visual appeal to your home.

If you plan to replace an existing door, you should consider whether the old door functioned properly, or if maybe there’s an opportunity to maximize the space. Our experts at Chicks will provide thoughtful consultation and share with you the various options available.

Often times, interior doors are overlooked when designing the interior and exterior of a home. Interior doors are a very important design component that can set the tone for the room. Chicks Lumber offers hundreds of styles of premium doors, including wood doors and MDF doors.

We offer many different types of interior doors, including plank doors, panel doors, sliding doors, folding doors, mirrored doors, glass doors, bi-fold doors, tri-fold doors, pocket doors, pantry doors, arched doors, and louver doors. Our doors make a beautiful addition to any room or exterior of a home!